News nr. 33 | April 2013
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Associação Laço awards grant to study conducted by Professor Sérgio Dias from FMUL
Associação Laço awards grant to study conducted by Professor Sérgio Dias from FMUL

Editorial Team  

Associação Laço (Laço Association) awards research grant in the area of breast cancer 
Faculty of Medicine, 16 April 2013 

Prof. Sérgio Dias and Lynne Archibald, President of Associação Laço

A 25.000 Euros grant will fund the project over two years 

On 16 April 2013 the Associação Laço handed a research grant in the area of breast cancer to a project that aims to study the relationship between high cholesterol levels and the growth of tumours.

Professor Sérgio Dias, a professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon and researcher at the Institute of Molecular Biology is in charge of the winning project.

Professor Sérgio Dias explains that there is experimental evidence that indicates that breast cancer grows faster in a cholesterol rich environment and may spread to form metastases. Lipid levels (fat) may potentiate a breast tumour in patients who already have it and contribute to its spreading to other areas.

Researchers have already demonstrated that high cholesterol levels recruit a particular type of bone marrow cells and that these cells go to tumours. From here, they will seek to understand whether cholesterol in patients with breast cancer recruit any type of marrow-derived cells that will hinder the patient’s response to cancer.

Two-year grant 
This project, which won Laço’s first grant worth 25.000 euros, is expected to last two years.

According to Lynne Archibald, president of Associação Laço, the main objectives of this research grant are “to understand the cause or causes of breast cancer and why it spreads to other parts of the body (...) as this is the only way to find effective primary prevention measures and avoid metastatic cancer".

She further said “she feels that this is the right time to make this investment and offer this support, as the last ten years have seen important scientific advances. We are very proud to encourage research on breast cancer in Portugal."


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