News nr. 44 | October/November 2014
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The Biobanco-IMM | Presentation of the results | November 2014

Raquel Moreira
Editorial Team 

On 11 November, the Biobanco-IMM presented the results of its work of the past years. Speakers were Dr. Maria Mota (Director of the Institute of Molecular Medicine – the IMM), Prof. José Fernandes e Fernandes (Dean of the Faculty of Medicine), Dr. Carmo Fonseca (President of the IMM) and Dr. João Eurico da Fonseca (Director of the Biobanco-IMM). Other invited guests included Dr. Rogério Gaspar (Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lisbon), Maria de Belém, Dr. Paulo Pereira (Vice-President of FCT – the Foundation for Science and Technology), to name but a few. 

Prof. José Fernandes e Fernandes opened the meeting emphasising the importance of the Biobanco as an instrument that in the future will allow to create synergies with international institutions, helping to implement and disseminate work done by the Lisbon Academic Medical Centre. 

In the speech that followed, Dr. Paulo Pereira, the Vice-President of FCT, presented the Biobanco as a research facility, which should receive all the necessary support from the Foundation he is chairing. It is strategically crucial as an instrument for furthering knowledge, and an example of reliable, collaborative work for the development of scientific research. 

In his presentation, Dr. João Eurico da Fonseca talked about two special moments: when the Biobanco was founded in 2008, and when the first sample was received from a donor in January 2012. He underlined the significant role played by his team and quoted some noteworthy data: around 330 donors a month, 2,500 samples collected a month, 32 collections in various areas (oncology, neurology, rheumatology, among others). He welcomed the new team of co-directors and stressed how crucial new energy and ideas were in all future projects. 

The new team of Co-Directors was also introduced, comprising Dr. Sérgio Dias and Joaquim Pereira. The team's objectives are to maintain the synergies already existing on campus and to reinforce the link with clinical information by focusing on sample and information quality, and by engaging interested researchers and physicians in the research process. The main challenge is to become, as a unit with scientific impact, part of BBMRI (Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure). 

The session finished with the pre-launch of the book “De zero a dez” by Margarida Fonseca Santos. It is a polyphonic novel offering different perspectives on the main character who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, and on her daily life. The book was available for purchase after the session, and part of the money went to the Biobanco-IMM.


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