News nr. 39 | January/February 2014
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Structural analysis of the scientic research networks of CAML
Structural analysis of the scientic research networks of CAML

Nuno Rodrigues
Coordination of the Administrative Centres (CPA)  

Sónia Barroso
Office for the Support to Scientific and Technological Research and Innovation (GAPIC)  

The Academic Medical Centre (CAML) is a Consortium that includes the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon (FMUL), the Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM) and the Northern Lisbon Hospital Centre - Santa Maria Hospital (CHLN-HSM), linking together three areas of activity, namely higher education, scientific research and hospital care. 

The study Structural analysis of scientific research networks of the CAML focused on the analysis of the relationships developed around scientific research in the CAML, in which the IMM plays a pivotal role. From a methodological viewpoint, this study was based on the collection of data through a questionnaire survey and used the Social Networks Structural Analysis (ARS) which, besides the usual characterization of certain attributes of the players, also studies their social relationships, thus allowing obtaining a graphical representation of those relationships thorough network maps or graphs. 

Given the size of the IMM, this article is a pilot study and focused on all the researchers of the (former) Cell and Developmental Biology of the IMM. 

Using ARS enabled identifying research networks in terms of partnerships and formal relationships based on funded projects. In terms of collaborations, it also pinpointed the informal relationships established as ad hoc and spontaneous interactions. 

The analysis of the researchers’ web of relationships shows that within the IMM and the CAML, informal relationships and collaborations predominate, being more cohesive and organized than the formal relationships and partnerships created around funded projects. This type of partnership tends to occur at national and international level.
The team responsible for this study (Nuno Rodrigues – CPA and Sónia Barroso – GAPIC) proposes to extend this study to the entire community of the IMM and CAML in order to have a general characterization of the web of the relationships that are established around scientific research. 

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