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FMUL celebrates Research Day for Medicine Students
FMUL celebrates Research Day for Medicine Students


Organised by the Support Bureau for Scientific and Technological Research and Innovation (GAPIC) and the Students Association of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon (AEFML), the 3rd edition of the Research Day for Medicine Students took place on December 17th and once again it brought together students, teachers and researchers. 

Dedicated to students of Medicine and of other areas connected to Health Sciences, this day was full of diverse activities (Programme) and was positively evaluated by those who participated in it. (Evaluation). 


The opening session was attended by Professor Rui Victorino, the President of the Scientific Council, Dr. Isabel Pavão Martins, President of the Pedagogical Council (Intervierw), Professor Maria do Carmo Fonseca, President of IMM, Professor João Ferreira, Coordinator of GAPIC, and Tomás Neto da Silva, President of the AEFML. In this session the advancement of scientific education for medicine students and the quality of the research work done by GAPIC, over the last 25 years, were highlighted. 

In the 17th Workshop, entitled “Education through Science”, the results of 17 research projects developed by 21 students throughout the academic year 2013/2014 (Book of Abstracts)  were presented. 


All the projects were shown as posters, having the jury, composed of teachers and researchers, selected six to be presented orally. Among these the following were awarded: 
- 1.º Prémio – “Effect of microglial expression of Sirt2 in LTP” Joana Almeida e Mariana Vargas (Article

- 2.º Prémio – Impact of HIV-2 in lymph nodes”,  Sandra Duque Maurício 

- 3.º Prémio – “Pre-programmed versus stochastic clonal evolution of relapsed acute myeloid leukaemia”, Diogo Maia-Silva 

A session that attracted high expectation was the one organised by AEFML about the Research Opportunities for Students. In this session, several angles and perspectives of the opportunities available for students were presented by Diogo Guimarães, a student at GAPIC, Vasco Romão, PhD student, Professor João Eurico Fonseca, who is a teacher and a researcher, Sónia Barroso, advisor at GAPIC, and Maria Tavares de Pina, PR at AIMS Meeting. 


One of the most anticipated moments was the lecture “The Future for Health: everyone has a role to play” by Professor Jorge Soares of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, which many teachers, researchers and doctors of Lisbon’s Academic Centre of Medicine (CAML) also attended. 

As CAML is itself a research centre, since it gathers FMUL, IMM and Santa Maria’s Hospital (HSM-CHLN), the results of the 2nd phase of the study “Structural Analysis of Scientific Research Networks at CAML” were presented in a session lead by sociologists Nuno Rodrigues, from the Coordination of the Administrative Centres (CPA) and Sónia Barroso, from GAPIC. This presentation was focused on the analysis of the relationships developed around scientific research ("Research Networks at CAML") 

The students who participated in Research Day also had the opportunity to visit a research unit of their choice and interest among the 17 Research Units available to welcome them, present the unit and do a tour guide. 

In addition, the students could participate in the Critical Mind Game – How do I question myself? through reviewing and drawing up a scientific text. Awards were given to the students Diogo Maia Silva (1st prize), Inês Fernandes and Nuno Fernandes (2nd prize).


For the first time Biobanco participated in Research Day. This institution, which is hosted by IMM, gathers and stores a vast collection of voluntarily donated biological samples, aiming to promote biomedical research and, thus, allowing all participants to donate biological samples. 

This 3rd edition of Research Day also signalled the closing ceremonies of GAPIC’s 25 years with a small exhibition about the coordinating teams that, throughout the years, have encouraged this Office’s activities and a presentation with students’, teachers’ and researchers’ testimonies about GAPIC and the work it has developed, especially in the scientific education of future doctors.

Website connected to Research Day: here and here: Dia da Investigação para Estudantes de Medicina reuniu investigadores e alunos 
(Fonte: Just News) 

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