News #1 | November, 2008
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Process of On-line Enrolments
Process of On-line Enrolments

Ana Rute Braziel
Technologies and Information Unit
(+351) 217999405/ 44272

The FMUL matriculations/enrolments for the 2008/09 academic year took place entirely online through the SIANET platform, belonging to the Digitalis Company. Its analysis and implementation was developed in accordance with the faculty’s needs, taking into account full integration with the Bologna system. 

This year the option was to carry out the enrolments in the presence of the students entering the first curricular year, aiming at closer accompanying of the student throughout the whole process. The accompaniment was planned and put into practice by an internal working group that had the active participation of the Academic Area, the Technologies and Information Unit, with its technical expertise and also with its Image and Communication area, as well as with the research area (GAPIC) and the Students’ Association. This welcome campaign, called “Welcome to the FMUL”, allowed personal assistance to be provided to the new students through signposting, the matriculation guide and the general information guide, all of which were made available through a computer information stick given to the students, along with kiosks representing the various different areas of interest in the school.

One should also point out the fact that the students’ system login granted access to a series of other services that were immediately available. Such as their own e-mail and Eduroam wireless access. 

For the first years it was also possible to take the prerequisite information necessary to reply to the RAIDES questionnaire, as well as filling out the so-called Blue Card. This is fundamental information for the evaluation work being carried out by the University of Lisbon. 

All of this information was confirmed by the student, who received a document proving matriculation at the end of this process.  

In this process it was possible for the first time to matriculate all the students who came to the faculty on the same day.

The enrolments for the other years took place, also for the first time, on the on-line format without the presence of the students, with the student being helped through two different call support lines: one for the technical aspect and the other for the academic one. After the student had chosen the subjects in which they wished to enrol, as well as a class, there was a pre-enrolment period which was validated by the Academic Area and then led to the issuing of proof of enrolment.

Both the matriculation and enrolment processes were accompanied by another online system of candidacy for the distribution of lockers.

We consider that this was without any doubt an innovating project that was greatly beneficial to the school. Our intention is to continue to develop it in order to create services of this kind for the benefit of all concerned.


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