News #11 | January/February 2010
Research and Advanced Education
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Academic Examinations at the Faculty Of Medicine of The University Of Lisbon
Instituto Formação Avançada


Palliative Care
Thesis: "Care in the Home. The overload"
Jacinta de Jesus Raposo Fernandes see more

Thesis: "While there is life there is sexuality! Views by health Professional on communication about sexuality in Palliative Care"
Vânia Adelaide Branquinho Cunha see more

Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences 
Thesis: "Non-imputable schizophrenic patients. The role of anti-social personality disorder in the violent act"
Edna Luna de la Cerda Mesquita Ribeiro Leite see more

Thesis: "Technical application of atomic absorption spectrophotometry in the analysis of metals and metalloids in biological samples. Preparation of samples by digestion with microwave technology"
Carla de Jesus Grilo de Oliveira Mustra see more

Thesis: "Comparison of dental methods of calculating age in the adult. Application to a sample of the Portuguese population."
Joana Moutinho Figueiredo see more

Thesis: "Characterization of mitochondrial DNA in the case-control study of male infertility"
Sara Catarina Reis Gomes da Conceição see more

Clinical Microbiology 
Thesis: "Quality of peanuts consumed in Portugal: fungic flora and research into mycotoxins"
André Ferreira Alves Silvério see more

Thesis: "Clinical and microbiological context of leg and pressure ulcers"
Marisa Isabel Carpinteiro André de Seabra e Sousa see more


Biomedical Sciences
Thesis: "Studies on a human model and a murine model of immunodeficiency: HIV-2 infection and TACI deficiency
Catarina dos Santos Cortesão see more

Thesis: "Modulation of Dendritic and Monocyte Cells by Type 2 HIV"
Rita Jorge Dias Cavaleiro see more

Thesis: "Specific T Responses to HIV, activation of T lymphocytes and Regulating T Cells in the AIDS Pathogenesis: Contributions of the HIV-2 Model"
Russell Bourne Foxall see more

Thesis: "The role of multiple DSL, ligands-D111, D114 and Jag1- in vertebrate neurogenesis"
Susana Conceição Ferreira Rocha see more 

Thesis:"Thrombotic disease of veins and cerebral venous sinuses"
Patrícia Martins Canhão Rodrigues see more

Thesis: "Contribution towards knowledge of cancerigenesis in slow evolution ulcerous colitis – aberrant phenotype of mucins and mechanisms related to their expression"
Paula Maria Ferreira Borralho Nunes see more

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