News #13 | April, 2010
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CRCSPUL – Yes, we can!
CRCSPUL – Yes, we can!
Dr. David Xavier  

With the publication of the organics of the Centre of Common Resources and Shared Services (CRCSPUL), one more phase of the establishing of the centre is completed. Now our mission and areas of performance are clear, and we can establish the aims we intend to achieve.

Mission The mission of the CRCSP is to promote and bring about the development of projects that are based on sharing existing or to be acquired material, logistical and human resources and on institutional cooperation and interaction and which allow the effecting of high quality academic and scientific activities with greater rationalisation of resources, with it being expected to provide benefits for all the agents of the University of Lisbon (UL).

Areas of Performance
The CRCSP exercises its functions in the field of providing services of an institutional nature to the organic units and other units of the UL, or to other similar institutions, using common methods and sharing resources, within a logic of management of processes, of efficiency and orientation towards the results. The main services provided are: 

1. Account planning and providing, billing and receipt collecting, and accounting
2. Management of technology information and communication policies
3. Normalisation and optimisation of the processes of acquisition of goods and services, of the management and accompanying of contracts and of university heritage
4. Organisation of the services of hygiene, safety and health at work
5. Development and implementation of plans with a view towards energy and environmental efficiency
6. Support for the structuring and dynamics of research and development activities
7. Support in all issues relative to the transfer of knowledge, intellectual property and entrepreneurial activity
8. Control and management of the procedures relative to competitions for hiring non-teaching staff and to their assessment
9. Appraisal of the needs for training, drawing up and proposing plans and programmes suited to professional valorisation of the workers in the institutions 

The CRCSP’s strategic aims are:
• Normalisation of the common management rules and procedures
• Rationalised management of resources in order to generate savings in costs and gains in efficiency and quality
• Integration of common services in order to obtain improvement in the quality of the UL services
• Sharing, cooperation and interaction and interaction with institutions of excellence
• Promoting of the image of the UL
• Actively incorporating the units in the transformation process

In this sense the services in the Centre have been drawn up as follows 


1- Financial Services responsible for carrying out the repetitive functions of the whole financial process, leaving the units with the capacity for decision and the Centre with the bookkeeping and recording activity.
2- Technological Services which will be responsible for the information systems policy and for the computer and technology structure.
3- Purchasing which will hold general competitions for the university, increasing the capacity for negotiation with suppliers and obtaining scale economies.
4- Work, Environment and Energy that will act in the field of Hygiene and Safety in Work, energy and environmental efficiency.
5- Research Support Office which, along with the ICS, will present a Project common to the whole university for the management of the scientific projects in a transversal manner, providing the knowledge spread throughout the university.

The challenges are great, but the processes have already started to be identified, with over 90% of its area of activity already being complete. Now we will move on to the phase in which, along with the units, we will identify which is the best method of implementing them and which type of computer platforms may be able to help us implement the decision workflows.

Besides the identification of the processes, another major challenge to overcome will be the way that we will carry out the affectation of human resources on an internal level and using the existing resources.

We intend the non-teaching staff of the UL to volunteer for the CRCSP. The methodology we will use for the affectation of people to the centre will be internal mobility and internal supply of positions.

For this we have created a link on the UL site for internal mobility (,1101144&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL) on Universidade>Bolsa de Emprego>Mobilidade Interna - on which the Centre, like what happened in all the Units of the UL, will place all the profiles it is seeking. From here on the non-teaching collaborators, on a voluntary basis, will present their interest in the places available.

As the Chancellor’s Office is the first institution to benefit from the services of the centre, it is from the outset the major supplier of human resources for it. With the providing of services for other units, it will be natural for them to release workers who accompany these functions.

The challenge is enormous, but it will be possible to make the centre a modern and innovating structure that will be up to the standard of the University of Lisbon.

Yes, we can!
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