News nr. 18 | December 2010
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Editorial Note

Prof. Doutor J. Alexandre Ribeiro
Sub-Director Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa

Present constraints do have, and shall have, in the short and medium term, a major impact on the life of Institutions. The Faculty of Medicine (students, lecturers, and non-teaching staff) will not escape unscathed from their consequences. This fact will force us to rethink about decisions, projects, and about an endless number of small issues that, to some extent, may compromise the strategy for transforming and modernizing our School.

Despite the problems we had to face in 2010, which is now drawing to an end, and of the many difficulties we can already anticipate, there are signs that suggest that not everything gets a negative mark in the country, in the University of Lisbon, or in our Faculty.

The country has recently received a positive mark from the OECD with regard to Education.

National scientific production, when standardised per capita, reached the levels attained by Spain, and superseded those achieved by Italy.

The University of Lisbon increased its scientific production significantly this year.

And FMUL, through the Medical Academic Centre of Lisbon (CAML), a joint project between FMUL, IMM and Santa Maria Hospital (Northern Lisbon Hospital Centre), has contributed actively to put into context institutional conditions that can be modernized in the areas of medical education and health sciences. Undergraduate and postgraduate training, and continuous medical education, be it in biomedical sciences or health sciences, are opportunities to expand the academic strand of scientific research in several fields that are transversal to medical education and to the practice of clinical medicine. Accordingly, the year of 2011 will pose new challenges to the Faculty, which must be perceived by all as an opportunity to consolidate cohesion and the sense of responsibility.

Students are the reason for the existence of a School, for which reason their success at the Faculty becomes a responsibility for all those who form part of it, whether they are lecturers or other members of staff, as everyone needs to see as their duty to offer students the indispensable competencies that enable them to pursue a professional activity. The description of the academic and assistance activities of the Neurology University Clinic is included in the present Newsletter, attesting the remarkable work they have been developing. 

On behalf of the Board of FMUL, I convey my very best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Lecturers, Students and Administrative Staff of this Faculty, as well as to all collaborators from IMM, HSM/CHLN, and affiliated Health Institutions.


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Prof. Doutor J. Fernandes e Fernandes
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