News nr. 29 | September/October 2012
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Welcome to FMUL 2012/2013
Welcome to FMUL 2012/2013

Editorial Team 


The Faculty of Medicine welcomed its new students during the week 10-14 September with the initiative “Welcome and Admissions of Year 1 Students – first time”. The students who enrolled at the faculty for the first time (294 – year 1 /1st time | 10 special access system | 35 holders of a degree) were assisted this week by a group of members of staff from several units, such as the Directorate of the Department of Administrative Management, the Academic Area, Facilities and Equipment, Information Technologies, and the Communication and Image Office. Once in FMUL, students were received by our mascot “Fmulito” and had the opportunity to view an institutional video about e-learning, and find more about the coordination of the administrative units and exam marking by optical reading. Subsequently, they enrolled online. They were also given the fresher’s kit – a folder with information to help them better understand what will become their home over the next six years. 

Upon enrolment, the new students were invited to walk through an area with several exhibitors: the Students’ Association of the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon (AEFML), where, in addition to obtaining their membership card, they were received by colleagues from other years who gave them useful information for their academic lives; Banco Espírito Santo (BES), where they were able to obtain their Students’ Association Card, Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD), where they requested their cards as students of the University of Lisbon (UL); the Library, where they were given information about its functioning and how to go about obtaining their membership card; the Lockers, where they were able to pre-enrol to have one; the Association of Friends of Santa Maria Hospital; SASUL; the stand providing information on Home Rental:; this year there was also a Student Stand staffed by students who provided useful information. 


The aim of this initiative, which involved several non-teaching staff of FMUL, was to say to new comers: Welcome to FMUL! 

As in previous years, in the first week of classes students were invited to participate in a survey intended to assess the ““Welcome Week and Admissions of Year 1 Students – first time”. 




In order to ascertain the opinion of new students on the welcome given by FMUL and on the admissions process, an evaluation survey was conducted on the first day of classes (17 September 2012). 

Two hundred and forty eight students participated in the survey, which amounts to a response rate of 74%. 

Students were asked to rate their level of satisfaction with regard to the various items associated with their welcome: the Welcome, Enrolment, and the Walk through the Stands/Kiosks



Walk through the Stands/Kiosks

The analysis of the charts shows that students enrolled in year 1 were very satisfied about the organisation, logistics and communication during the welcome/enrolment week. 

The evaluation of the “support given by FMUL employees in the enrolment process” stands out (56% of respondents said they were very satisfied), the same applying to the “information provided and the clarification of queries by FMUL members of staff” (42% of respondents were very satisfied).


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