News nr. 29 | September/October 2012
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WORKSHOP - Improvement Plan 2012/2013
WORKSHOP - Improvement Plan 2012/2013

António Santos
Pedro Marçal
CAF Improvement Plan Team 

Due to the fact that we want our organization to adapt continuously both to the new challenges that modernity brings upon us and to the current context in which we live, a workshop entitled “Improvement Plan” was held on 18th October in the Cid dos Santos Amphitheatre. The event resulted from the CAF training undertaken by 36 colleagues (2011) and was aimed at all non-teaching employees of FMUL. 

A working group was brought together following this training event, with the aim of implementing in our organization, on the ground, the most relevant and feasible improvement measures. The group unanimously identified three priority areas and proposed three thematic fields: Procedures; Communication; and Organizational Well-being. From a practical viewpoint, each group set the objectives, methodologies and action strategies.


The first part of the workshop focused on the presentation of practical work proposals on each area under analysis. Following the introduction and “revision of the matter at stake” conducted by Isabel Aguiar, who also moderated the entire session, the Procedures group (António Santos, Carla Lucas, Pedro Marçal) presented its action plan. This was followed by the Communication group ((Raquel, Raquel Viegas e Ana Murteira) and finally by the proposal presented by the Organization Well-being group (André Silva, Antónia Ferreira, Isabel Aguiar). Colleague Ana Murteira also talked about a set of good practices already implemented and disseminated by FMUL. 

The workshop was held amidst an informal and very pleasant atmosphere, and was actively participated by colleagues. 

Following a coffee break offered by the Improvement Plan working group, we were offered a recreational activity, with colleague Sónia Miranda from SASUL – Desporto showing us how we can have a relaxing time through gymnastics in the workplace. FMUL is thankful for her availability, as well as that of colleague Duarte Lopes, also from SASUL, and for their constructive contribution and interest in the project. 

During the debate, the questions posed by the audience focused mainly on the area of communication, which was in line with most of the improvement measures suggested during the training session. 

We thank all colleagues who attended and were involved in this event, because it is through the sharing of ideas that we can aim to have a strong and ripe organizational culture.

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