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Outpatient /Ambulatory Clinic

Dr Filipe Monteiro  
Outpatient /Ambulatory Clinic 

The following medical consultations are offered as part of the outpatient/ambulatory clinic of the Pulmonology Unit (directed by Professor A. Bugalho de Almeida) of Santa Maria Hospital: 

General Pulmonology
Smokers’ support
Interstitial disease/Pulmonary fibrosis

The outpatient unit comprises a waiting room, a reception counter, a nursing room, and several medical offices. 

In terms of human resources, besides doctors and one psychologist, four nurses, three administrative staff and two assistants work in the unit. 

The main activity focuses on the provision of care and, to a lesser extent, on teaching and research. 

As an example of the care provided, in 2011 about 20000 medical appointments were carried out, of which around 50% were in General Pulmonology. Patients who were hospitalised in the Pulmonology Department and from other specialties in need of follow-up, and patients from the emergency unit and from the National Health Service from around the country, are referred to this clinic. 

A significant number of patients, mostly coming through the NHS, book their appointments online. 

After requesting an appointment, patients are informed of the time of the appointment in an average period of 48 hours. 

Patients are divided into three levels: utmost priority (waiting time < than 30 days), priority (between 31 and 60 days) and general (61-150 days). 

It should be pointed out that there is no waiting list, and that patient satisfaction (very good/good) with regard to doctors, nurses and administrative staff is above 98%. 

Regarding educational activity, the most important is the internships that interns from several specialties carry out at this clinic.
Research has focused on clinical activity, particularly on some sub-specialties (interstitial diseases, allergology, and sarcoidosis). The result of this activity has led to the presentation of papers at international scientific meetings, such as at the ERS (European Respiratory Society Annual Meeting) and the ATS (American Thoracic Society), at national encounters (Portuguese Society of Pulmonology) and to the publication of scientific papers.

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