News nr. 28 | August 2012
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Science and Health Research
André Rodrigues P. Silva 

In this section we continue to divulge online resources, which may be personal web pages, blogs, institutional portals, etc. A large part will be dedicated to medical sciences and scientific research.

Scientific American

One of the most popular science journals in the US. It has a long tradition of presenting scientific papers in simple, accessible and unpretentious language, which makes it accessible to the general public. It is the oldest U.S. magazine in continuous publication (167 years). Among other internationally renowned scientists who have published articles in SA is Albert Einstein.

Research Information
An interesting journal, freely available in both paper and electronic format, it focuses on Internet contents, information science and related subjects.

Among the existing search engines designed to search only scientific information (science-specific search engines), the Scirus is one of the oldest and most reliable.
Page Information: “Scirus has proved so successful at locating science-specific results on the Web that the Search Engine Watch Awards voted Scirus 'Best Specialty Search Engine' in 2001 and 2002 and 'Best Directory or Search Engine Website' WebAward from Web Marketing Association in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007”

 National Science Foundation 
 A major website for information on scientific discoveries, news, research projects, project funding, etc.

DIVA, the Academic Archive Online (Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet in Swedish) is a joint project of several universities in Scandinavia, offering editorial services and technical solutions for local repositories.
More information, from the NSF website: “The DiVA system, originally developed at Uppsala University, Sweden, supports workflows for both electronic publishing and printing. An archive of fulltext documents published at the participating universities has been created and metadata records are disseminated to other information services. In cooperation with the National Library of Sweden long-term preservation is guaranteed as well as access in the long-term. Today it is mainly doctoral theses and undergraduate theses and research reports that are published through DiVA, but it is also possible to publish articles and chapters of books. An increasing number of monographs have been published through DiVA as well.”

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